My Road Trip to Leh

It all started in April 2013 when a small group of like-minded people planned for this road trip. Ever since the first planning meeting took place, many more friends joined.  It was a group of about 20 friends finally traveled. The route was decided and all other plans were worked out and tickets were booked 4 months ahead of the travel date.

It was a fantastic journey and once should experience the joy traveling in this part of India. How much ever someone tries to share their travel experiences, that would still be very little. That explains the serenity and beauty of this place.

The route map of the tour.

People slowly trickled in at the base camp in Delhi, from where the tour has started.
The hotel where we stayed in Manali is located at a place where anyone would love to stay. It presents a beautiful scenery right at the hotel.

A day’s stay at Manali was very helpful for people to get acclimatized to the high altitudes, otherwise people traveling here experience acute mountain sickness (AMS). That evening on our back to hotel from Sarchu adventure sports resort, we found an apple farm and sneaked in to it for clicking some pictures. But the caretaker thought we would pluck some nice apples, he made us rush from the farm.

Next day our journey to Leh has begun. The road to Leh is not that easy, especially if you are traveling from Manali. There are many winding roads, and you will lost count.

It is the most common sight in Ladak is that you get to see these small temples (Stupas) and devotees tie 100s of colorful flags at these temples to pray as they believe the more flags they tie the sooner their wish would be fulfilled.

I found these horses in the wild very often, it is interesting that no one seems to be worried about these horses.

These are some of the signature pictures Ladak region of mountains, valleys, water-falls and himalayan flowers.

These two young guys are co-workers and friends at a small time tea stall. We stopped for a while to have tea and maggie noodles. BTW, maggie noodles is main food that is served all along the way to Leh. You are lucky if you find a nice meal with roti (bread), sabji (Curry) and chawal (Baked-rice).

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2 thoughts on “My Road Trip to Leh

  1. Ram, wonderful pictures and im sure you have accumulated sweet memories to last a life time… Thanks for showing us the colors of Ladakh…

    Raghavendra Deshmukh

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