Sravanabelagola is one of the famous Jain tourist spots in Karnataka, India. It is located 150 KM from Bangalore. There are two hills in Sravanabelagola, one opposite the other and they are called Chandragiri and Vindhyagiri.

Gomateswara, also known as Bahubali, lived in 8th century was one of the renowned Jain gurus.  The 57 feet tall statue of Gomateswara  is etched on a monolithic stone. It was considered as one of the tallest monolithic statues in the world until 58 feet statue of Gowtama Buddha was installed in the middle of Hussainsagar Lake in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh in India.

The statue of Gomateswara is located on the Vindhyagiri hill. The statue is covered once in every 12 years with milk, curd, ghee and saffron in a ceremony called Mahamastakabhisheka. It is a spectacular event and thousands of devotees will witness this occasion. The next Mahamastakabhisheka will happen in 2018.

Gomateswara statue in Sravanabelagola

Gomateswara statue in Sravanabelagola


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