Who are you?

Don’t read between the lines. It is written only in the Spirit of Humanity and to pay tribute to fellow human-beings,  who lost their lives or who were gravely injured (whom I have never met, seen or know of their religion/Belief).  

He, who is the most powerful, merciful and strongest

Who has many names for believers and has no name for atheists

Who doesn’t belong to a state, nation, or continent but rules the whole universe

Who doesn’t care your for race, cast and creed you belong to but only loves YOU

Who is Infinite, who is omnipresent and Almighty

Who created all humans equal and who always believed in HUMANITY

Who has no form, but appears in the form you want to see Him

Who never told us HUMANS to kill others in the name of Religion and in the name of Him.

He, who is asking  you “Who are you to KILL when you can’t CREATE”

He who can be found everywhere but in your hearts







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